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How to Stop Worried Thinking

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

With all the events in the news lately, how can one not worry about the future for one's self, family and safety and security? There is a real function to worrying that can save us and make us wake up to our blind spots. But when the worrying goes into overdrive it can diminish our capacities in our relationships, at work and our health. You may find yourself getting short with friends and family, not recalling details at work or feeling like you can never get on top of your sleep deficit.

Luckily, research has proved that we can't really focus on two things simultaneously, so I offer you a way to take a break from your focus on worrying. Let's talk about gratitude. Start simple. It could be having a functioning body, food, shelter and friends. Maybe it's a pleasant interaction that you've had. As you let your mind focus on evoking things you are grateful for, you have given it respite from being in worry mode. When you first begin this practice set a timer, maybe 3 minutes to start. See if you can call upon this practice throughout the day or even commit to it 1x a day at the same time. The more we train our minds to do this, we will automatically recall this practice unconsciously for relief from our worried thoughts.

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