Individual Therapy

Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions typically last 50 minutes and are held at least 1 time per week or more, depending on individual needs. The duration of therapy may be shorter or longer-term. Phone and video sessions can be arranged to allow for continuity of treatment.

Psychoanalysis provides an opportunity for one to work more intensely due to the increased frequency of sessions per week (3-5 times a week) and encounter unconscious patterns of how one relates to the self and others and more. It can be conducted sitting up or lying on the couch. I am currently training in psychoanalysis in a contemporary manner. I do not replicate the stereotyped notions of being a silent "blank slate." I believe in a warm relational approach to psychoanalysis that takes into account the impact on our psyches of our family and social influences. Psychoanalysis can be a radical way to invest in knowing the self more deeply and more quickly than once a week treatment.

Dyad Therapy

Dyad psychotherapy (between 2 people) is offered to siblings, friends and intimate couples of all kinds. Weekly sessions last 50 minutes or more and address a wide range of issues, which may include communication, strengthening intimacy and trust, stressors, family and parenting issues, and sexuality issues, among others.

Fees and Policies

  • My fee is $200 per 50-min therapy session. Fees may be adjusted for psychoanalysis. My sliding scale options for once a week sessions are taken up at this time.

  • Payment may be made by cash, check and credit card. 

  • I am NOT on any insurance networks. I can provide you a superbill or an invoice for HSA reimbursements that you are responsible for submitting.

  • Cancellations:

    • Therapy works best with regular, consistent sessions. Because I reserve a consistent time in my schedule for you every week, you will be charged your session fee if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice for any session, unless we can reschedule within that same business week. Keep in mind that if my calendar is full, we may not always be able to reschedule your missed session, and you will be liable for your fee.


    • In addition, you may cancel with more than 48 hours notice up to three (3) times per calendar year free of charge as your time off may not coincide with mine. If you cancel more than three (3) sessions per calendar year, you will be charged your usual fee to reserve your time, even if you cancel your session with 48 hours notice. I do not charge you when I am away or sick and I typically take off 6-7 weeks per year.

  • Please refer to my Informed Consent form (click on the pdf icon below) for detailed up to date information about confidentiality, late/no show fees, and the latest federal No Surprise Act and Good Faith Estimate. You can review and fill this out before session or I can provide this form at our first session.

  • Please refer to the latest federal No Surprise Act and Good Faith Estimate (click on the pdf icon below)  you can anticipate before our first session.

informed consent pdf

good faith estimate pdf

  • My commitment is to work together at a fee that is reasonable for both of us so you can get the help you need.