I help people who grapple with anxiety, self-doubt and the stress of straddling two worlds due to social and cultural differences.

People I help often...
  • Grapple with self-doubt, anxiety and an inner critic despite their achievements and skills.

  • Put themselves last after taking care of everyone else and struggle to ask for help or say no.

  • Have had invalidating experiences with parents, family, peers, partners or work relationships.

  • Experience marginalization + microaggressions due to race, gender, sexual orientation and more.

  • Are experienced in therapy, but looking to go deeper than ever before.

Therapy can help you...
  • Increase daily ease and relaxation, resulting in greater creativity, clarity and productivity.

  • Build healthy relationships and heal from toxic past relationships.

  • Improve your ability to set boundaries, stand up for your values, negotiate and assert your needs.

  • Develop confidence and rhetoric in how you identify and find connection with supportive community.

  • Deepen a more articulated idea of who you are and aspire to be versus what you ought to be.

Why therapy?

It’s difficult to change on our own because we develop and change in the context of relationships. In a therapeutic relationship, the sole focus is your development and change.

  • I work with people at a deep level and I've trained specifically to work in this manner (more about that here.)  It takes commitment to work this way, but if you are tired of temporary fixes, long-term sustainable change is possible.

  • As your therapist, I aim to: foster a trusting therapeutic relationshiphelp you develop a flexible mindset and confront uncomfortable truths to promote your psychological well-being. 

  • I am warm, interactive and gently challenging. I often use humor, metaphors and imagery to aid in our exchanges.

  • As a woman of color and adult child of immigrants, I am especially committed to examining the impact of oppression and inequality on your life experience.

  • As your therapist, I aim to: foster a trusting therapeutic relationship, help you develop a flexible mindset and confront uncomfortable truths to promote your psychological well-being.

Getting started

Scheduling an Initial Visit

tel: 510-859-7912

  • Call or email me to set up a free 20-minute phone or video consultation, in which I will ask you some questions to learn what is motivating you to seek help, and you can ask me any questions you have. 

  • Together we will decide if it makes sense to move forward and meet in person and/or pursue telehealth if you are a California resident via a confidential HIPAA platform.

  • ​My office is located on College Ave. (near Alcatraz Ave.) in Berkeley with easy street parking, free public parking at Safeway and Rockridge BART station a 12-minute walk away.

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Deborah Kim, MA, LMFT

License No. LMFT 105935

3155 College Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705

Phone: 510-859-7912

Email: info@deborahkimlmft.com